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Fanfiction - Archivist


Torchwood - Jack/Ianto

Disclaimer – Don’t own them just playing.

Set during Reset What if Martha had known Ianto during the year that never was.

Martha sat in Jack office having just met team torchwood drinking Ianto’s coffee.

“So Martha” asked Jack “what do you think of my team?”

“Martha, Martha, stop eyeing up my welsh man and go find your own”

“Sorry Jack, you said something?” replied Martha her attention refocusing on Jack.

“I said, what do you think of my team, but you obviously are very taken with one welsh man who I must say is also very taken by me so you can look but he’s mine” Jack grinned his eyes travelling to watch Ianto, along with Martha.

“Jack” askes Martha drawing Jacks attention away from Ianto and back to Martha “what do you know of the resistances Archivist and what happened to Torchwood during that year.”

Jack sighed and got up to close the blinds to his office, sitting on his desk facing Martha.

“They were killed in the Himalayas by the Toclafane’s first strikes, the Master liked to remind me about that as for the Archivist I only know what I heard from the Master and from rumours I do know he pissed of the Master he would rant for hours about this pest, why?”

“I met him, you know, I was one of the few who could actually put a face to the name, well codename that was” taking a sip of coffee Martha continued.  “I first met him the night I was transported of the Valiant, he found me, he knew who I was and he helped me out of England and into France, along with supplies and into contact with people who could help me, he kept me safe Jack.”

Jack watched Martha as she told her story and waited for her to collect her thoughts and continue.

“That was the first and only time I met him, he became the head of the resistance in the UK and I suppose the world.  He found a way to hide messages in the Masters own network, it was his idea about the gun and chemicals and he set it up for me.”

“You and the Doctor say I saved the world but I couldn’t have done it without him, he kept me safe.  I spoke to him four times since we met, the last was just before I came aboard the Valiant.”

“Do you know Jack if the Doctor had failed the resistance had been building a weapon to destroy the Valiant, he had put this all together and he will never remember what he did for the world. He saved the world as much as you or I, but he will never remember.”

Martha stopped focusing on her cup of coffee and focused on Jack.  “I wanted to look him up once it was over, just like I did with Tom, but I never knew his real name, or where he was based before everything went to hell.  I was never able to thank him that was until today.”

“WHAT” exclaimed Jack.

“You know it’s a shame Jack” continued Martha ignoring Jacks outburst “the man who helped save the world is been wasted as your office boy, your Ianto Jones is, was Archivist.”

“He was alive?”

“He survived the year that never was Jack, not only that he thrived, they never caught him Jack, they came close a few times, they were members of the resistance everywhere including the Valiant protecting my family and you Jack.  I walked the world and everywhere I went there was someone from the resistance helping me and protecting me, I owe him my life, my family’s life, we all do.”

“My Ianto” Jack smiled, opening the blinds so he could once again watch his team, retaking his seat behind his desk.

“My Ianto” he chuckled, looking at Martha “is more than just the office boy, but your right he is wasted, so my nightingale are you going to help us with this job, and ten we can see about challenging our archivist what do you say.”

Martha smiled “I think you have yourself a deal Jack, now how about we get on with it, and I can go and hug our archivist.” With that Martha was up and out of the office in search of one Welshman and Jack laughing behind her shouting “Hands to yourself missy I’ve already told you he’s taken” following her out.